Real Fixed Matches

Real Fixed Matches

Real Fixed Matches

Now, I’m switching sides, and is going to help put money BACK into the pockets of football bettors just like you.

This is a limited opportunity however, so you keep reading below immediately to get all of the details.

Dear Friend,

I’m not able to reveal my name (for security reasons) and for the last 12 years I have been setting the odds on almost every football match you’ve bet on.
In fact, I was so good at making my employer money that the entire Sports Betting Community and they used to refer to me as “the handicap god”

But here’s the truth:

As someone who has lived and breathed life on the inside of the football betting universe. I can tell you that there is no magic involved in becoming a winning football bettor. Instead, you simply have to know one secret that virtually no other bettor knows. And today, in this short and time sensitive letter

I’m going to tell you what the secret is.

Setting you free from the frustrating problem that 99% of punters will experience for their entire lives and solidifying your place in the top 1% of all people who play on football matches. So pay close attention and take notes, because here we go.

I set the lines on everything…from Asian handicaps to 1st Half scores. In other words, any match which you are able to bet on it, I was the one setting the odds last couple of years. Now 1 year ago, I decided to quit and before you even ask. No, it wasn’t because of anything my former employer did or said. In fact, the group I worked for treated me well, and paid me even better. It’s just that a certain point, a man gets tired of grinding away to make someone else a fortune. Which is why I decided to walk away from it all. Look, I’m going to let you in on that little secret I promised to share.

Are you ready? Here it is. Making profits betting on football matches is not hard at all. Actually, it’s pretty easy. The trick is knowing how the odds are set, and how the sportsbooks WANT you to bet. Which is pretty much impossible unless you are an oddsmaker yourself. Real Fixed Matches,winning football bettor,football matches,100 football matches,odds,real,tip every single day,sure fixed matches today

That’s where I come in.

Every day, the odds are set on more than 100 football matches across the world. And out of that number, I’d say about 97% are set perfectly. Meaning you’ll never win in the long-run if you bet them. So the REAL secret to being a successful football bettor. Is finding out what those other 3% are the ones where the oddsmaker has made a significant miscalculation. And betting those matches like crazy.

Now if you’re wondering why I’m charging you for these winners, it’s because while I do want to give back, my time is extremely valuable. And honestly, the small membership fee should be the LAST thing on your mind. Once you’ve signed up, I’ll begin emailing you a new winning solid tip every single day. This will be my “creme de la creme” cream of the crop so to say- the one tip where I am DEAD CERTAIN the oddsmaker has made a huge mistake, and where you and I both have an advantage.

Sometimes I may tell you to choose a direct winner, sometimes I may tell you to bet an Ovr/Und, sometimes it may even be to bet the draw. The important thing here is that whenever I tell you to bet a certain way, it’s because I am almost positive that’s how the match will play out. And that’s it. You wake up each morning, check your email, get your solid winner, and bet whatever amount you want.

It takes me some time to send out all of these tips, and the last thing I want is to have a giant mailing list of people.

The choice is yours: you can either join me and become one of the most successful punters in the world, while doing NONE of the work it would normally take. Or you can keep guessing, keep taking shots in the dark, and keep feeling frustrated when you lose yet another bet you thought for sure was going to be a Win.

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Updated: July 27, 2022 — 11:56 pm

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